Awhile back I attended a sales event. It was a day full of anticipated excitement!

As I looked around the conference room I hurried over to a few empty seats. I walked over to the first group of sales reps and proceeded to take a seat next to them. Suddenly I was informed by two ladies that these seats were reserved for their friends and that I could not sit there. Okay.

I walked on to another opening of seats and once again I was sent away as this was a group of 20 sales reps they all knew each other and they were all sitting together. Okay.

I continued on to another few empty seats. I began to settle in only to be once again sent away. These were already taken and friends were just coming in as I was being sent away. Okay!

I looked over to the very far side of the room. I noticed a few scattered reps sitting here and there. And finally I found a seat where I wasn’t asked to leave!

I sat there and wondered was this really a room full of sales reps? If so then what are we doing?

I asked myself is this not a definition of an oxymoron situation?

Why do we want to sit beside someone we already know at a function like this, or any function for that matter. Think about it! We have a great opportunity to network with new people. Yet we prefer to stay in our comfort zone. Why? Perhaps, because to a certain extent, we’ve become conditioned to certain behaviours. And society certainly does not make it any easier. If we take a look at ticket sales corporations they actually offer group discounts to attend events. Thus encouraging this type of behaviour. It would certainly make it more interesting if they gave discounts for not sitting with your group. That would make any event a great opportunity to meet, greet and get on the beat! The most successful sales reps get out of their comfort zone at least once a day.

Some thoughts for you to ponder prior to attending your next event!

Have a great one!!!Chilla Riddle Real Estate