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How To Identify A False Sense Of Work

One of my favourite things to do is have a Shiatsu massage. I had a wonderful Japanese Shiatsu Therapist who taught me the importance of five good habits. In Japan they believe, to enjoy a well balanced life, these habits need to work in conjunction with each other....

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Stress Management for Sales Reps

Stress Management For Sales Reps While a real estate career is rewarding, challenging and indeed stressful most reps will tell you it’s in their blood and they would rather be doing this than anything else in the world.. The steep competition and the long hours...

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Warning! The thief amongst us!

Warning: The Thief Amongst Us! I once had a student that could not complete his assignments. When I asked him why this happened he simply stated “I was planning to plan”  I must say I thought it was one of the funniest and most disturbing things I heard...

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