Stress Management For Sales Reps

While a real estate career is rewarding, challenging and indeed stressful most reps will tell you it’s in their blood and they would rather be doing this than anything else in the world..

The steep competition and the long hours we encounter on any given day is enough to make anyone run and hide. The emotional roller coaster caused by the rise and fall of transactions can leave us in a state of disharmony. Add this to the demanding schedule and the complexities of the industry and you’ll find us in a place of high stress category.

I love real estate for all the reasons I mentioned above. And I would be lying to you if I told you I didn’t have my fair share of the emotional turmoil. I remember when I first started my career in the industry my first six months left me in tears almost every day. It got to the point where my broker would shake his head and say “Is that Chilla crying again” “What happened this time”

It was time to search for answers. I needed to be trained in stress combat!

One of my friends was kind enough to listen to the ups and downs of my career and suggested I try yoga to create balance to my day. That was over twenty years ago and I have never looked back. Through the practice of Yoga I learned how to manage emotions that had a tendency to drive me to the circles of despair and frustration. To my surprise I learned and received many helpful coping techniques. Health and stress management became a passion. There were so many reps that wanted to know my secret on staying calm. It was time for me to share and help others. And that’s what led me to became a certified Yoga Teacher.

Signs that you are in need of stress combat:

Emotionally you may feel anxious, guilty, inadequate, tearful, angry and or even become a bit too aggressive.

Physically you may experience back or neck pain, insomnia, headaches and constant hunger or loss of appetite.

A change in your behaviour may include, working excessively or not at all. Poor diet, a tendency to become short tempered and argumentative. You may lose interest in your appearance and experience a form of depression. It may also cause you to become lethargic and make careless mistakes and prone to forgetting things. You may also feel exhaustion without doing anything.

Stress originates from a feeling of not being in control. It is something that comes from the inside out. By allowing external things to affect us we create internal disruption. If we know that it comes from within then we also know we have the power to change it and regain our control.

Here are seven little strategies to help reduce your stress level:

Change your breathing pattern:

When we are stressed we tend to adopt a short and shallow breathing patten. As you begin to take a deep breath inhale to the count of four and exhale very slowly to the count of eight.

Repeat 10 times. It only takes a few minutes.

Laugh Out Loud:: Look for all the reasons to laugh and smile. Make funny faces at the mirror and laugh out loud. Reminiscence about a funny experience you had with some of your clients.

Watch a comedy and imagine you are the actor playing the silliest part. Play it forward, email or text a funny clip to a friend.

Create a sense of slowness: Force yourself to do everything at a much slower pace. Look for opportunities that force you to be patient. Do things for clients and take your time in preparing these items. Always give yourself a dose of extra travel time if you need to be somewhere.

Join an upbeat crowd: Find a good positive group to be around. They say that you will become like the five people you spend the most time with. Think about that! Stay away from all the negative people you know. As much as possible be around fun people. Enjoy your life!

Time management: Always plan for a good nights sleep by preparing your schedule for the next day before you go to bed. Writing things down helps to get everything off your mind. It will also help you in completing the tasks you set out to do. At times you may need to say no to some requests. Knowing you have enough time to complete all that needs to be done creates a peaceful mind.

Create a relaxed mind and body: Practicing some form of relaxation will help to reduce the anger and stress that you may be holding deep inside. Maintaining a healthy outlook inside and out will make for good productive, happy days.

Implement a healthy diet: Good food is the key to maintaining a healthy mind, body and soul.

We really are what we eat!